EcoBoards Exterior

EcoBoards Exterior


The Exterior

Building boards, construction boards, facade panels both untreated and surface-treated for all applications and functions.

The boards are divided according to the best functionality and there are mainly three different types of material: Magnesium, Calcium Silicate and Fiber Cement.

Wekla Green EcoBoard

An economical total solution.

Wekla Natural

A calcium silicate sheet, ie an extra strong, stable and environmentally friendly disc.

Wekla Effect

Disc in fiber cement with natural stone / putty inspiring surface layer.

Wekla HPL

GreenEcoBoard with a high pressure laminated surface layer.

Wekla AquaStone

A stable quality board and a greener environmental product.

Wekla Colorit

Disc in fiber cement with inspiring beautiful colors, in any UV resistant RAL color.

Wekla Imagine

Board fibre cement with any motif. Sky is the limit in execution.

Wekla Decibel

GreenEcoBoard with a high pressure laminated surface layer, specially designed for sound.

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